Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

A HARBOR assessment is FREE of charge. 

Why is my insurance needed?
  • We will not charge insurance for a HARBOR assessment. We kindly request insurance information to ensure, if the recommended resources requires insurance, we have all information to make a proper referral.
  • Uninsured? We partner with various behavioral health care agencies to find another solution!
What can I expect from this program?

To have your child complete a non-clinical 1 ½ to 2 hour assessment with a trained team member to identify presenting problem(s) and to be connected to short and/or long-term resources in our community.

Will my child have a record?

While we partner with Law Enforcement and support diverting youth from the Juvenile Justice System, if your child came to us without any legal involvement working with us at The HARBOR does not create a juvenile record.

Does this program affect my child's future?

We hope your child’s future is positively impacted. Our goal is to provide your child with the proper resources specific to your child’s unique needs to assist them in addressing and improving the presenting problem for which your child was originally seen at the HARBOR. 

Is this program for bad kids?

This program is designed to help all youth in Southern Nevada , connecting them to resources based upon their individual needs; all youth would benefit from The HARBOR!

How can we submit a referral to the Harbor?

You can submit a referral by clicking the link below! The referral form will ask general information about the youth so we can contact the family within 24 hours.

What services does the Harbor provide?

The Harbor provides a non-clinical assessment in order to help identify the resources that would be beneficial for the youth. We refer out to the community for therapy, mentoring, groups, recreational activities, and so much more!

Is The HARBOR a mental health agency that provides counseling?

The HARBOR assessments are non-clinical tools, we utilize these tools to support connecting a youth to a mental health provider in our community when applicable. No mental health or counseling services are provided at The HARBOR sites. We refer out to vetted behavioral health care agencies for these services.

Do we have to schedule a follow up appointment regarding services?

Nope! We take care of all the footwork for you. If we are unable to schedule the referred services during your initial appointment, we send off all referrals and the appropriate agencies will contact you to schedule.

Does my immigration status matter?

No, we assist all families. It’s important we understand immigration status to ensure appropriate resources are provided.

What is the duration of services provided at the Harbor?

The duration is 21 days or 60 days depending on the type of referral. Our staff will communicate with the family frequently to monitor progress and ensure that the resources recommended have been helpful.

Does the Harbor provide in-home services?

Unfortunately, The Harbor does not provide in home services. However, we partner with agencies that may provide in home services to better fit the needs of families.